From The Doctor’s Desk

From the Doctor’s Desk

I hope your 2018 is off to a great start! While last year flew by, I wanted to take a minute to share some of the highlights from 2017.

On the family front, our daughter Maddy (10) started 4th grade, Ian (8) started 2nd grade, and little Leo (3) is having a blast in pre-school. Ali continues to enjoy her work as an adviser in the Study Abroad Office at PCC. I have to say that fatherhood continues to exceed my expectations, and when I vow to treat every patient as if they were a member of my own family, that has a lot of weight to me as I know how much each parent cares about their child.

At Garfinkle Orthodontics, we continue to embrace and advance the latest technology to help achieve spectacular smiles in a more comfortable way and even quicker.

In July, we became the top Invisalign provider in Oregon and among the top 1% of all providers in North America. I have gained enough experience now using clear aligners that we can treat nearly any case with either braces or Invisalign and expect the same result. And just to make sure, I recently had an OHSU orthodontic resident perform a research project on my last 30 teen cases treated with Invisalign and braces. While all cases finished with a great result and “on-time” relative to the predicted number of months, the Invisalign cases finished approximately 6 months faster, with fewer emergency appointments, and with a slightly better outcome. I think clear aligner treatment is a great option for many of my patients and am proud of being the leading expert of Invisalign in Oregon. Please be weary of “do it yourself” aligner options and orthodontic treatment performed by dentists who are not orthodontists. The effectiveness of the aligners and quality of the outcome are directly dependent on the expertise of the doctor.

This spring I will be presenting a lecture on the orthodontic management of patients with Cleft Lip and Palate at the Oregon Dental Conference. I am excited about the honor and better get to work preparing!

At Garfinkle Orthodontics, we are committed as ever to helping each individual reach their full potential by providing them with a healthy and confident smile. We aim to do this while exceeding your expectations in regards to customer service and experience. I encourage you to share any feedback you may have about my office directly to me. I would love the opportunity to learn from you.

Wishing you all a successful and meaningful 2018!

Our Community

In 2017, Garfinkle Orthodontics gave back nearly $16,000 to our community in the form of auction donations, sponsorships, and community events. We have already begun fulfilling requests for 2018 school auctions, so please reach out to us if your school is in our area!

In February we will be hosting the Wilson Youth Lacrosse boys and girls team for our 4th Annual Mouth Guard Day! We’ll spend an afternoon meeting the families in our neighborhood while making the players custom mouth guards for their lacrosse teams.

Around the Office

Congrats to Dr. Garfinkle and Team for achieving Top 1% status with Invisalign!

“Top 1% doctors make up the top 1% of all North American Invisalign Providers and are among the most experienced.”

Did you know…

  • In our office, treatment with Invisalign costs the same as braces
  • Thanks to our experience using Invisalign, many of our patients finish treatment with fewer visits and in less time than our patients with braces
  • Invisalign can be used even if there are baby teeth still in the mouth, in the right cases


Moms and Dads deserve a beautiful smile too!

Do you have FSA money you need to use? Maybe an unused orthodontic benefit? Give us a call to see how we can improve the look and health your smile. Teeth continue to move through out our lives so even if you don’t want to spend the time and money to straighten your teeth now, consider getting a retainer to prevent them shifting further.

Is your child a patient? Mention this newsletter and receive a $500 “parent” discount (if treatment is started between 2/1/18 and 3/31/18).

When should I bring my child to the orthodontist?

At Garfinkle Orthodontics, we agree with the guidelines set forth by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and recommend an initial orthodontic screening at the age of 7 years. We know this may seem early to start bringing your child to the orthodontist, but there are important things that are happening with the developing teeth and jaws that should be monitored regularly.

Consultations are always complimentary.


Events & Contests

Patient Appreciation Day

We’re excited to be hosting this years Patient Appreciation Day at Oaks Park Skating Rink this spring! Please stay tuned for the details.


We know we’re long overdue for a contest, we’ll announce one very soon! Have a contest idea for us? Email us at