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Orthodontic Treatment

Invisalign and braces are just two different tools that can be used to move your teeth and in the majority of cases, you get to choose which one you prefer - your teeth don’t care and Invisalign and braces cost the same in our office!

In the hands of Dr. Garfinkle and our team, both will give you the same great outcome. We treat patients of all ages with both tools, so the choice is yours.

Clear Aligners


Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces that uses digital clear aligner technology, making it an efficient, comfortable, and esthetic treatment option when provided by a trained orthodontist. Unlike many direct-to-consumer aligner systems that use computer algorithms to direct tooth movement, your customized treatment plan is created by Dr. Garfinkle, a Board Certified Orthodontist, with your goals and health in mind.
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Damon Braces


At Garfinkle Orthodontics, we offer our patients the advanced Damon Braces system. Unlike traditional braces, Damon Braces use a self-ligating mechanism that reduces friction and tension, resulting in faster, more comfortable treatment with fewer appointments needed. This unique technology allows for a more gentle, continuous force, which can result in less discomfort and shorter treatment times. And because they require fewer adjustments, Damon Braces can be a more convenient and cost-effective option. Achieve your orthodontic goals with ease and confidence – schedule a consultation to find out if Damon Braces are right for you.
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Accelerated Treatment

Orthopulse is an FDA approved medical device that utilizes photobiomodulation to accelerate the movement of teeth during orthodontic treatment. This device can be used with either Invisalign or braces and it can be added to any treatment plan. On average, we see treatment time reduced up to 30-40% in our office!
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Straight teeth not only look better, but they’re healthier, easier to clean, and last longer!
Canine Substitution • 22 months • Invisalign

Areas of Expertise

Interceptive Treatment

Dr. Garfinkle and the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommend that children be evaluated by an orthodontist by the age of seven. These visits are complementary and no referral from your dentist is needed. We screen for seven specific conditions that, if present, could indicate an interceptive phase of orthodontic treatment could be of value. Interceptive treatment usually takes around 12 months and can make a big difference. If none of these issues are found, we would continue to see you every 6-12 months until all the permanent teeth have erupted.